Extreme 160AW Suction

Dust Bag Support

Fast 2.5-Hour Recharge

MagBase™ Accessories

Long 90-Minute Runtime


Powered by a massive LiPO battery, H7 has the energy to clean on and on and on. For up to 90 minutes1. No changing batteries. No loss of suction.2


Quick Recharging

Get back to cleaning faster. Quick recharging means you can go from completely empty back to full in only 2.5 hours3.


Extreme Suction

480W of power creates up to a massive 160AW4 of suction. Easily lifting dirt from floors and reaching deep into carpets, beds, and upholstery for better cleaning.

Extensive Air Filtration

Keep pollutants and allergens5, from mites to pollen and more at bay with 5-layer air filtration including a HEPA filter. Capture 99.99%6 of particles, down to as small as 0.3 microns.

Dust mites

10 - 40 μm

Cat dander

1 - 15 μm

Dog dander

5 - 10 μm


12 - 100 μm


4 - 40 μm

Air pollution

0.1 - 1 μm

Featherweight and Agile

With a lightweight battery at its heart, the vacuum body weighs only 1.46kg (3.2lbs). It's easy to lift, maneuver, and reach into tricky areas.


Accessory Storage

Quickly attach accessories7 to magnetic surfaces or snap them onto the dock for easy and efficient storage with MagBase™8.

Snaps Onto the Dock

Or Any Magnetic Surface

Dust Bag Support

All the flexibility and mobility of a cordless stick, all the cleanliness and allergy friendliness of a bag. Get the best of both worlds with the optional Roborock dust bag.

资源 1

Multi-Surface Brush

Clean deeply, whether you're on carpet or hard floors. And no need to waste time swapping brushes.

Deeper Carpet Cleaning

Auto Carpet Boost boosts suction power on carpets. Fifty watts of power drive durable high-torque planetary gears to spin carbon fiber anti-static bristles close to 4000RPM for more cleaning power.

Easier to Use

Take the guesswork out of mode and battery life, and remaining time with a crisp OLED screen, and use the Power Lock or Child Lock to make cleaning easier or stop accidental use.

  • Unlock

  • Lock On

  • Child Lock

  • Current Mode

Washable and Reusable

The front and rear filters, cyclone, and dustbin are washable to give them a longer life.

  • HEPA Air Filter and
    Noise Suppressor

  • Polypropylene Baffles

  • Resonance Isolating Silicone

  • Noise Reduction Layer

  • Sound Capturing Cavity

  • Sound Capturing Cavity

  • Polypropylene Baffles

  • Resonance Isolating Silicone

  • HEPA Air Filter and
    Noise Suppressor

  • Noise Reduction Layer

Minimum Disruption

Noise damping and advanced airflow controls keep harsh noises to a minimum without sacrificing cleaning power.

Accessory options




Flex Tube



*H7 Pure only includes the Multi-Surface Brush, Baton, and Dusting Brush